Vigilante ComiCafe

For this project I was asked to create a small business idea and design some collateral for it. I made Vigilante ComiCafe, an idea I've had for awhile for a coffeshop with a comic browsing library.

First I started with some sketches for the logo. I wanted to convey the two main aspects of my business: coffee and comics. As a secondary objective I also tried to incorporate library iconography, but later decided to drop that idea.

I then created an initial design for a logo. I decided that the best option was not to use defined mascot or character for the business, but use recognizable images that would allow the viewer to picture themselves in the design. I used the classic superhero mask design, and incorporated coffee cups as the eyes. I used this version of the logo to mockup my other collateral, but returned to the design towards the end of the project. I decided my first design was unnecessarily crowded, and that the mask highlights were too difficult to see against the base color. My second interation of the design simplified the text space, as well as added more colors to help the design really pop. I'm very happy with how it came out in the end.

In addition to the final poster design, I created two other options to choose from and help me decide on the direction and aesthetic I wanted to go for. I made this one to have a more conservative composition, to see if I wanted to go the clear and simple route.

This design used a very outlandish design, to test how unique I could make the composition using the same text and images.