Fetch: Flood Survival Pod

Every year 160,000 dogs are separated from their owners due to floods, and are left to fend for themselves in the water. The main cause of people get seperated from their pets is that most shelters do not take in animals, and people are forced to leave them behind, helpless. And unfortunately, not all of them survive. My solution to this problem is a protective capsule that owners can put their pets in before they evacuate.

I started my process by sketching some possible designs for the survival pod. The design needed to accomplish three important things: keep the pet out of the water, protect the pet from impact or crushing, and to get the pet rescued as soon as possible. These sketches show how I worked through these issues to come up with a design that best fits all criteria. The last design here came out on top and led to the final design.

The sphere is made of an outer protective layer, a bouyant filling, and an anti-slip interior. The non-slip interior is to keep the dog from slipping while trying to roll the capsule. The trianglular ridges on the outside allow for multi-directional movement and traction in the water. This was inspired by concept designs by Goodyear for a spherical tire. The sphere has both a horizontal and vertical band of polycorbonate windows, as well as two circular polycarbonate doors on either side. These allow for the dog to see out and identify in which direction help is. Both doors have ventilation holes that also act as drainage for any water that gets inside, keeping the dog as dry as possible. I wanted to give the dog an active roll in it's rescue, so that they get help as soon as possible. For this reason, I didn't design a feeding system, but storage for food and water. I wanted to put food both for people and the dog, so that whoever finds the capsule will have somethign to eat if they need it.