Business Presentation

This is a a business pitch presentation my partner and I made for our Capstone entrepreneurship class about a product idea that I have for commuter targeted headphones.

This project was done my junior year, and I partenered with my classmate Patch, a fellow product designer.

When looking at the headphone market, we noticed that there were two different central features of headphones: quality and portability. High quality headphones aren't portable, and portable headphones aren't high quality. And in addition to that, there were no headphones that emphasized durability as a main feature. We set out to fix this.

These customer market results show that there is a gap in the market right now, and people would use a product such as this to fill that gap.

Our solution uses a novel retractable cord design, that will allow for customizable length during use, and neat, quick storage when not in use. Circumaural ear pads create a comfortable experience for the user, allowing them to wear the headphones for long periods of time easily. The two axis hinges allow for the headphones to conform better to the head, creating a better seal around the ear for higher sound quality and minimized sound leakage. And finally, the plastic components will be made of high-impact ABS plastic, allowing them to withstand a lot more abuse than average headphones.

This graph shows our analysis of the market, and where our product lies among the competitive landscape.

Our analysis of the market share showed that it is a booming industry, with enough wiggle room for a startup to get it's foot in the door. We discovered that Skullcandy, a widely popular low-end audio company has $117 million of the $2 billion headphone market. With this information in mind, and aiming for similar popularity to Skullcandy, we estimate that we can gain 4% of the market, or roughly $80 million over the course of six years.

This is a quick summary of the business plan we developed for this project over the course of the semester. It also gives our product price, which we set at $150. We believe this is a good price point in comparison to our larger corporate competition.

This is a mockup of our advertising campaign. Since these headphones are targeted to commuters/frequent travelers we wanted to show where the ads would likely be displayed. This would be mainly in cities, at bus stops and train stations, which take the majority of commuters in urban areas.

These were our proposed next steps to bring this project to reality. Unfortunately, progression on this project stopped as schoolwork took priority, but I would like to revist it one day.