Portfolio Website and Logo

In addition to coding this portfolio website myself, I also decided that my updated site needed an updated logo to go with it.

I started off looking at my old logo and analyzing it's design. I liked the hexagonal base shape, so I decided to keep that in the next version. The letters inside are a modified serif font, all the letters are on different levels, and the line weight is fairly light. I decided for the updated version I wanted to stay away from using pre-existing fonts, keep all the letters on the same level, and increase the line weight.

I started by sketching out a few small thumbnail designs to get the creative juices flowing. Then I opened Adobe Illustrator and created a file with an array of hexagons to use as a starting point.

My initial idea was to create the illustion that the hexagon was actually a three dimensional cube, and to use the angles of the letters to enforce that idea. I then decided that I wanted the logo to be more simplistic, but I continued to try variations of the hexagonal base. I tried flattening the top point a bit and ended up liking that shape so much I used it in the final design.

It was also important to me that my logo be black and white because I wanted to be able to easily invert the colors. Having "light" and "dark" versions of my logo gives me the ability to get the best contrast between the background and the logo itself.