CONDOR Emergency Glider

Inspired by birds who are able to glide for long distances such as the Condor, this emergency glider is designed to be used by soldiers or military personnel as a parachute alternative in close quarter environments, such as cities.

The wing supports, frame and main body are made from carbon fiber to keep them strong and light. The wings are made of a tight woven polyster hot pressed with resin. This provides a strong and lightweight material that would accept the folds of the wing nicely. The wings have an area of 48ft², enough to carry the average 6ft male. The body of the backpack is inspired by the aesthetic of stealth fighter jets. Those jets are able to make the most of their sleek form, which worked well with my plans for a lightweight and low profile casing. I find that facets are good at modernizing the look of a product, and I didn't want this to look like a super hero gadget. The profile of the casing shows it's subtle airfoil shape, which helps the glider perform better.