Crit Art App

A finalist in the Lehigh University 2016 iPrize competition, Crit is a mobile and web app designed for art students. Our mission is to provide a platform for students and professors to critique artwork outside of the studio. Art students greatly benefit from critiques and comments; it's the best way to improve individual pieces as well as overall skill. Until now, there was no good way for students to ask for advice on their pieces outside of class time. Crit is a social platform designed to improve student's art and critiquing skills.

So how does Crit work? Professors set up a private class group, which students can access from their mobile devices or computers. Crit allows for both physical and digital art to be posted easily. From there, students post in-progress pictures of their pieces and with each post, students can ask for specific advice on an aspect of the piece, or just for general critiques. When a student comments on someone's post, their classmates are able to upvote or downvote the comment, signaling what advice to follow, and what to ignore.

Professors have the same functionality as the students, along with some extras. They have access to a list of group members, and a count of each person's posts and comments. This allows for participation tracking, if the professor chooses to make usage of the app a homework assignment.

We believe that students shouldn't have to wait until the end of a project to get critiqued. People are more likely to make changes while they're still working on a piece instead of after the piece is handed in. Crit will allow an artist to live up to their highest potential, and accelerate their growth as a creator.

These are different icon designs that I mocked up for the iPrize competition finals.

The icon on the left ended up being my favorite of the group.